“Dissipated Knowledge”

dissipating insecure inconsistencies
darkening and lighting
perching at streetcorners
begging for understanding, cursing
ignorance divinely ordained, unwillful
misunderstandings demanded by all atoms
all thoughts, all men and all women,
all things fail to understanding
everything; everything falls in finding
knowledge, all short of thought and
feeling pure and free, forgotten.

“Amber Heat”

This amber heat does nothing
to cast you aside,
images dropping like clouds:

lily petals curl and unfurl and curl
thorns twist and bite
roll down my neck
paint brushes my sides,
twisting all your colours together,
so much light and dark and white
like alabaster burning skin.
the amber sat and cooled,


“Words are Dark”

In taking these words and bending them so
we work – breaking meanings forever forged
by dying decades of forgetful life.

I’ll decide what these words should mean to me
not the semantics of some quiet man
or the great works of those amongst the dead.

That’s why everything is dark, bleak, and black:
everything has been darkness to someone,
once – and everything will be wrong again.