“Haruki Villanelle”

A Hard-Boiled wonderland.
shifting shadowed portal,
The End of the World.

Swim sewer-down, inkling
dodging, meeting nameless,
a hard-boiled wonderland.

Gatekeeper blocks, shadow
writhes as knife cuts away,
the end of the world.

Shuffled data, unlocked
keys, ticking tumours,
a hard-boiled wonderland.

Helping shadows, escaped
down ponds; you stayed.
the end of the world.

Broken, asleep, frozen,
whole, alive, worlds collide.
A Hard-Boiled Wonderland.
The End of the World.


To be breathing
awake and feeling
in small seconds
of unending infinite
mechanical mornings.

muttering step-step
dragging dead dreams
through shrill-ringing
alarms and siren-shouts
life-lost but still living.

we wake in gentle light
dawn-struck dealing
daring to open life-worn
eyes and see for truth
the world we’ve been


“Here the Seasons Come to Die”

Here the seasons come to die
amidst the wreck of lives once lived
a boarded up school of memories
feasting on a plateful of chips.

Here the season ends
like all that came before
with a crash of lost loves
searching for new ones.

Here the seasons start again
with burning heat and biting cold
wrapping up and unwrapping
to smother each other warm.