“Haruki Villanelle”

A Hard-Boiled wonderland.
shifting shadowed portal,
The End of the World.

Swim sewer-down, inkling
dodging, meeting nameless,
a hard-boiled wonderland.

Gatekeeper blocks, shadow
writhes as knife cuts away,
the end of the world.

Shuffled data, unlocked
keys, ticking tumours,
a hard-boiled wonderland.

Helping shadows, escaped
down ponds; you stayed.
the end of the world.

Broken, asleep, frozen,
whole, alive, worlds collide.
A Hard-Boiled Wonderland.
The End of the World.


the titles reached up high,
the mountains of fantasy
dominating the upper reaches
in long stretches of hard-to-say
names and strange england-like
lands, then came the crime
in black-and-white city streets
and men with eyes too haggard,
then bright-souled coming of age
novels, asking for optimism and love.

at the bottom sat the poems
tucked into notebooks.