it doesn’t resist your steps,
forcing heavy legs to limp
through thick thigh-high
silt and water, parting fronds
falling down to drape across
your shoulders, catching foreheads
with the odd pin-pricking thorn.

the trees drinking so deeply
pack themselves around you,
almost marvelling themselves
to waking at this strangeness
trampling through the roots
eyeing the orchids perching
in fragile perfection on logs.


we have thoughts
piled on desks
scratched onto receipts
or scraps of paper
stolen from books

the world’ll go
catatonic one day,
and all that’ll be left
are post-it notes
on computer screens

poems in margins
lists on counter tops
novels in cd cases
haiku on roofs,
loveletters on shoulders.


spines straight
curled, thumbed
hair scattered
following fingertip
walkings, wasting
time and waists
walked around
with closed eyes
broken chests
and black
ink, pooling
pressed together
palms, trying
failing, holding,

i lost words.

“I Smiled”

I looked in the mirror and smiled.

With no thought in my mind
or love in my chest
I smiled.

No hand touched my shoulder
to bid me return,
I smiled.

No regrets crumpled my brow
no past rights made me wrong,
I smiled.

No prompting, nor trying,
no uplifting of thoughts,
no romance, no humour,
no memories, good or bad.

I smiled at myself.