“Haruki Villanelle”

A Hard-Boiled wonderland.
shifting shadowed portal,
The End of the World.

Swim sewer-down, inkling
dodging, meeting nameless,
a hard-boiled wonderland.

Gatekeeper blocks, shadow
writhes as knife cuts away,
the end of the world.

Shuffled data, unlocked
keys, ticking tumours,
a hard-boiled wonderland.

Helping shadows, escaped
down ponds; you stayed.
the end of the world.

Broken, asleep, frozen,
whole, alive, worlds collide.
A Hard-Boiled Wonderland.
The End of the World.

“Thalassocracy “

Watered fading histories,
misted failings,
forgotten pasts and worlds
laughing shrinking names
shirking foreign shores
where Bran’ll pass his time
all wrong and stagnant,
burning his way
through the blurred
edge of stories,
from elven islands
of hosted royalty
to darkened shores
of emerald islands,
and the fading skeletons
landing there.