“Public and Private”

Hurt is public
pleasure private.

Love, unless lost,
not to be discussed.

Pain, and the cost
is a more worthy muse.

Flowers, colours
touch of skin on skin
is for knowing hearts
not reading eyes.

Despair is the food of the many.
Maybe it’ll make it
worth it.

I fight back thought
and write.

“Write from Heartbreak”

Writing is the creation of beauty,
of taking a moment and freezing it,
or a feeling, or a person: all things
can be rendered perfect in these few words.

When I write from heartbreak, I push away
the pain: each frozen sentence cuts it back
till through many fearful fights I am brought
by my hand, away from the edge.

One day, I will rest in the shade of trees
and talk and write of flowers and colours
while watching all my loves wander the world.
Until then, it is time for us to hurt.